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Welcome to P4P web

What we do

P4Pweb ltd has been built and developed to fulfil pharmacists' needs and to help them to fast track the monthly and quarterly performance of the pharmacy business using the web models which are available after subscription: they are a tool that P4Pweb is offering to its clients to immediately visualize their operation results in a simple and understandable way.

These models have been developed and road tested for several years now and have been proven to be an excellent instrument to fine tune the pharmacy business activity; monthly and quarterly figures enable professionals to be proactive and react quickly to the fast changing drug market environment.

P4Pweb ltd does not act and substitute your accountant who is an invaluable asset for your company but would like to offer you an online flexible and dynamic tool to enable you to design your own road map in real time without having to wait for the year end accounts.

Our Mission:

Performance for Pharmacy = Profitability for Pharmacist (P4P)

Our Values:

Simplicity and Innovation
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